Goshen College needs to expand its everyday music repertoire. There are many situations that require a specific song to capture their essence, but it’s hard to start from scratch. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Naomi put together this playlist of exclusively Spanish music! (Kidding, it was totally Isis.) Combine these recommendations into an incredibly versatile musical experience fit for any setting.

Song: “No Me Queda Más” by Selena

Perfect for when you are waiting for your laundry to finish, specifically if your dress pants are dirty and you’re already late for your nephew’s wedding! But wait, oh no! They also shrunk in the wash! 

Song: “Una Vaina Loca” by Fuego 

Perfect to whip out while in the center of the Frott.

Song: “La Gata Bajo la Lluvia” by Rocio Dúrcal 

Perfect for that afternoon that is really sunny and warm — but then it randomly starts sprinkling rain in a bit of an annoying way because you wore sandals and now they are covered in mud. 

Song: “El Baile del Beeper” by Oro Solido 

Perfect to play in the car with your newest fish from the pet store. 

Song: “Después de la Playa” by Bad Bunny 

Perfect vibe for a trip to the beach. Said trip must include a speeding ticket, a flat tire and an impromptu rain storm all within short succession of each other. 

Song: “Yo Viviré — I Will Survive” (specifically the Celia Cruz version) 

Perfect for all occasions! (excluding snowboarding competitions, funerals, birthday parties, in-class discussions, medium-length car rides and orthodontist appointments)