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The Record website, 2021

LightBox, a Goshen firm whose principal partners are Rafael Barahona ’01 and Jordan Graber Kauffman ’11, designed The Record’s website in 2021. Nick Yutzy ’21, who served as an intern at LightBox and an executive editor of The Record in 2021, helped to lead the project. Other student intern contributors were Augusta Nafziger ’23,  Daniel Robles ’21, and Jackson Steinmetz ’23. The Record website utilizes WordPress as its content management system.

The website is made possible through generous gifts from readers of The Record, many of them former editors.


Dale Bucher (in memoriam)

Rick Buckwalter and Ann Rutt

Corinne Dixon

Rich and Marcy Gerig

Mark and Rebecca Gibbel

Becky and Ken Horst

Stan and Bonnie King

Michael Neumann and Liz Andes

J. David Stahl and Darsi St. Louis

Becca and Jacob Stucky

John and Elisabeth Tiessen