Soil and sunlight: Alexa’s tips on plant care

House plants: they can brighten a room, relieve stress, replace the need for an animal and even...

Ervin Beck tends to the Newcomer garden

Tending to his garden since 1986: Ervin Beck

Many students walk through the garden on the south side of Newcomer without a second thought. The...

Inside the Reverie shop

Rêverie: a downtown knitter’s daydream

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, but the two-tone chime in Rêverie still sounds frequently,...

Portrait of Greta Lapp Klassen
Electric car charger
Student picking up a package
library card
Jackson Steinmetz Headshot
Lee Bergey with their bus
Adult English class
Portrait of Sister Veronica
Portrait of Greta Lapp Klassen
Portrait of Greta Lapp Klassen
Eash Scotts with bikes
Women in stem leaders