Comedic duo Jantz and Yoder offer suggestions (GC style) for the New Year’s resolutions, in case you forgot to make them.

1. Buy books from the bookstore!  This saves money and supports a local small business.

2. Remember to write “2013” on all of your papers.

3. Be a great conversationalist.  Talk about the weather more—it’s always a hot topic.

4. Practice good posture by balancing giant Fusion plate-bowl-things on each of your limbs.

5. Nominate your small-group housing application video for the Oscars.

6. Muster up the courage to clean the hair out of the shower drains.

7. Appear on the Goshen homepage.  (Ahem).

8. Become more energy-efficient.  Hitchhike on the Phys. Plant golf cart to get around campus.

9. Pay off your student loans by getting an on-campus job and by selling your soul.

10. In solidarity with the SSTers, learn how to speak with an accent.