As we near the end of our second official week of the semester, We’re sure you are looking for some funky and fresh activities to keep you occupied. Check out these Goshen spots for some wholesome fun and free education. You never know where new connections might lead! 


Explore the Boat Launch by the Dam Pond 

Got roller skates? Practice your braking ability on this slippery slope!

Network with the ducks.

Visit the US Postal Service 

Just to say “hi.” 

Lincoln Highway 

Really great for driving.

Exclusive overpass is an underrated roller coaster.

Sail the Millrace 

Some say it can’t be done. Don’t listen to them!  

Make sure to pick a windy day.

Beware of… snakes, bacteria, shallow water, neighborhood kids and the potential to capsize.

Eat Sun Chips at Pringle Park

No explanation needed.