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In this special report, members of the Writing for Media class consider the breadth and depth of original research produced by students, faculty, administrators and alumni at Goshen College.

The research is presented with an important qualification. The reporters in class were free to select subjects to cover from a long and even then partial list of research worthy of coverage.

In that sense, this package is at best suggestive of the scope of research linked to Goshen College that is under way or has been done in recent years. Though Goshen College has enrolled fewer than 1,000 undergraduate students for many years and offers only a few graduate programs, the college produces research of a caliber that is more often associated with larger universities and that is among the best in the country among bachelor’s colleges.

In a Washington Monthly report issued in September, Goshen ranked No. 5 nationally in research among bachelor’s colleges and No. 5 in the number of alumni who earn a Ph.D. In another indicator, Goshen ranks No. 2 in the number of graduates going on to earn doctorates among all Indiana institutions when size is taken into account.

The special report highlights several of the varied settings in which research is conducted, including general education courses (the study of bees in Pollinators in Peril); Maple Scholars and Hickory Scholars summer programs (physicists making music); independent field work under faculty supervision (the study of carbon sequestration in soil in Indiana and in Kenya); and sponsored research after graduation (a 2021 graduate who is studying in Taiwan on a Fulbright scholarship).

The research spans academic departments and majors. Among those represented in this limited sample are biology; English; marine biology; peace, justice and conflict studies; music; physics; public health; and social work.

President Rebecca Stoltzfus, whose research on the causes and effects of malnutrition is also featured in the report, said

this when reflecting on the work: “Research is hard but fun, and takes all different shapes and forms. It’s a disciplined way to seek answers to important questions.”

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