I’m afraid it’s been some time since I’ve set foot in the West Lawn Dining Hall, still commonly edified as “the Rot” by many.  Some might scoff and say that this is, in fact, a good thing.  But I must resolutely disagree.  It is true that the fish in green sauce and the occasional extra-crust pizza have given me reason to cringe, but the real standard here is the alternative.  What does one do without a meal plan?

This is a very real and terrifying challenge that some if not every Goshen College student will have to face eventually.  I find myself in this dreadful position even now.

Take for example my breakfast this morning.  Usually I muster the courage to pour myself a bowl of cereal or microwave some oatmeal (I stopped trying to do eggs after a groggy attempt left a smoky pall lingering well past noon).  This morning, however, I found myself pressed for time and staring down at a half eaten chocolate bar on my desk.  With a sigh I took two hurried bites and headed off to class.  During class my stomach could be heard giving off sounds somewhere between a gravid whale and wolverine with its tale being trodden on.

The point I try to make by this account of quite possibly my most pathetic morning meal to date is really to emphasize just…how bad it actually was.

Wednesday used to be bacon morning over at the Dining Hall.  It might still be, but perhaps I will never know for sure.