10.  BIBL 157: Herod to Jezebel: Biblical Names that No One Gives to their Babies

9.    MUS 149:  Getting the Tune out of your Gosh-Darn Head

8.    HIST 400: History of the Future: From Marty McFly to Captain Kirk

7.    CHEM 004: How to Make a Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano (Credit/No)

6.    ENG 209:  Dirty Limericks

5.    ELEM ED 206:  That One Kid Who Cuts His Own Hair

4.    ART 489:  Pretending to Understand Paintings that are Just One Color

3.    DANC 268: History of Mennonite Dance

2.    PJCS 301:  Finding Perfect Level of Disgust at World, Self

I.    MATH CCV:  Intro to Roman Numerals