I mean, seriously. Barack Obama is great and all, but haven’t we had just about enough of him? That’s like all we’ve been writing about for the entire past semester. I’m sure you’re all getting pretty dang tired of hearing about him.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure he’ll be the greatest president ever. I’m sure that if you got sprinkled with his sweat while thinking happy thoughts, you could probably fly. President Obama will probably build the first magical city on the moon. I accept these things as fact. But could we please, please stop talking about it?

All I want is to be able to crawl back under my rock, you know? Is that such a sin? So what if basically every other national leader is super-pumped about this new presidential administration?

It’s their job to care, not mine. You know the only thing that might be worse than the past semester’s worth of constant, inescapable, mind-numbing coverage? Eight more years of the same.

Here’s hoping that now, since Obama has become President Obama, we can all safely let him fade into the background. After all, what’s the worst a president can do, right?