After a lackluster performance in December, winter has opened the second half with a strong showing of snowing.

Now our unseasonably warm December has abruptly changed to the cold, windy January we know and love. Or at least know.

It’s as if Mother Nature read the cue card wrong, and shouted out ‘SUMMER!’ or ‘COLOMBIA!’ before realizing her mistake.

Thankfully, as with Steve Harvey, I’m sure everyone will be very quick to forgive and won’t laugh about this for years to come.

There are plenty of good reasons to have snow.

For instance, there are all sorts of great snow sports, like snowboarding, snow Ultimate, and sledding down the underpass steps on large pieces of cardboard.

Some of these activities have happened on Goshen’s campus before, and the other one is snowboarding.

Snow on the ground means that United States senators can use snowballs as proof that global

warming doesn’t exist, or at least hasn’t gotten that bad yet.

And even if you don’t like snow, you can still retreat to Florida for a few more years before it is submerged under rising ocean waters.

Plus, when you’re walking across campus in weather this cold, just think of how glad you’ll be to arrive at your destination. You’ll be thrilled to step into a warm and cozy building, even if that building is the Rott.

Nothing quite says ‘comfort’ like curling up next to the Rott fireplace with a piping hot bowl of Goshen chili, even if it does have last week’s burgers in it.

There’s something wonderful and pleasant about sitting inside, looking out over a freshly fallen sheet of snow.

I like how the world looks when it’s covered by snow, with the harsh shapes of trees and buildings somewhat softened by rolling drifts of snow.

Snow can cover up some unsightly things, like dead grass or presidential candidates that we wish weren’t doing quite so well.

Whatever the reason, it’s officially wintertime in Goshen, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.