People these days throw all types of acronyms at us all the time, they assume that everyone knows what they stand for.  This makes me very confused, and I will share with you some of the confusion that these abbreviations have caused for me at Goshen.

For the last several months, when I heard JB was our president, I was under the impression that Justin Bieber had taken over the United States and kicked Obama out of office.

It was not until junior year of college that I realized that I was in fact a communication (Comm) major, and not, in fact, a communism major.  I tried for some time to switch my major to Soc, but then realized it stood for sociology.

I thought for quite some time that SST was some kind of disease.  I thought PJCS was some kind of sandwich.  I looked at my schedule and saw that my business class was in BUS 220.  I never did find bus 220.  I went for my first semester without eating or exercising since I had no idea what the Rott or RFC stood for.

And don’t even get me into technological Internet mumbo jumbo. I have yet to figure out what “ftw,” “lol,” “ttyl,” and “k” stand for.  My best guesses are “fish to wish,” “lots of lots,” “to too you loser,” and “kristmas.”  I have no way to verify whether these are correct or incorrect.

Anyways, my point is, stop using all these acronyms. It is very confusing.  I fear a future where language will no longer exist and we will simply have conversations like…HHAR, G, K, TQEF, ZZZZ, GRRR, O, M, QWOVBNM.  If you mean something, why not just say it?  Just my two cents (JMTC).