I have always been an enormous fan of the Goshen College S.S.T. program. I think it is wonderful that students have the opportunity to experience other cultures, meet new people and become global citizens.

I was happy to hear recently that the college will be taking groups to Egypt. However, I still feel like there are many ways that we could expand the Study-Service Term to a wider variety of locales, in order to make the experience even more enriching for all students.

One location that I have always felt should be included on S.S.T. is Atlantis. I personally have never met Merpeople and would love to get to meet them and learn about them. I have heard that they are mostly peaceful and that they are great singers. I believe we could have some fantastic singing of 606.

Another location I believe that we should look into is Narnia. Students wouldn’t face jet lag since they could transport there instantly via closet. Students could practice their conflict mediation skills by trying to solve the international crisis between Aslan and the Snow Queen.

Another wonderful location would be Never Never Land. It never snows there! Goshen College students would get to learn what it feels like to be in warm weather. Students could also use this trip to research using fairy-dust as an alternative way of transportation.

I have not heard any politicians discuss flying as a new means of transportation. We could also bring back many many fairies for lighting up the world.

I also believe – now that we are in the 21st century – that we should think about having an S.S.T. in space. Just think, instead of being global citizens we could say that we are intergalactic citizens! Goshen students could meet people from other planets and learn about cultures of other planets and solar systems.

Other locations that I believe should be considered for S.S.T.: Candyland, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, the Shire, Hogwarts and Canada.

I truly believe that if we try to offer more opportunities, students will get to learn about others from all cultures (and planets) and truly gain new experiences and a new worldview.

Jacob Landis-Eigsti is a first-year theater and communication double major from Lakewood, Colo.