You’ve all seen the news, or at least the Daily Show: the economy is still in the metaphorical toilet.

People have stopped their habits of going wildly in debt and are saving money, which is profoundly un-American.

We must not be like the squirrels of Goshen, hiding our nuts for the long winter months. Rather, we must be like the hawks that eat those squirrels, swooping prey (cash) with our talons (financial smarts) to take back to our brood.

Still, even these stirring similes may prove cold comfort for those Goshen College students who realize they are going to graduate in a month (or year) and are uncertain about unemployment. This is understandable.

Most newspapers are printing articles something like this:

Elkhart, IN – Every single person in Elkhart is unemployed. People barter for goods and services, usually through a series of grunts, as language and civilization have broken down. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Joe Schlabotnik, Associated Press

Are reports like this true? Should people be worried? It all depends on what you plan to do for a job.

Here are some tips:

FIELDS NOT TO GO INTO: Jobs that can easily be done by robots. In the olden days, this was easy to do. Only professional multipliers were out of luck as people turned to calculators for their multiplication needs. However, as we move more and more into the future, our robots will become more and more skilled, mastering such skills as carpentry, cooking, surgery, interpretive dance and parenting.

FIELDS TO GO INTO: Jobs that robots will not want to do. According to Isaac Asimov, a science fiction writer, robots will be programmed to protect themselves, and thus will not want such jobs as hippo farmer, electricity tester, lava collector or wasp teaser. These will be the next “bubbles” that Wall Street will love. Get in while the getting’s good.

BETTER FIELDS TO GO INTO: Talk radio host. True, robots could easily fill this void as well. Most computer science majors agree that modern robots, such as the Kindle, are already able to reason and make judgments with more ease than, say, Rush Limbaugh. But I think that humans hold an instinctual gift for ranting and complaining that no program will ever be able to match. Practice getting your rage on at lease twice a day.

BEST FIELD TO GO INTO: Robot repair and maintenance.