Here in the Funnies section of The Record, we toss criticism around like it’s confetti. We like to find fault with just about anything. Indeed, two weeks ago I critiqued the SST program, one of the truly great things about Goshen College. Nevertheless, we always manage to give credit where credit is due. Although we find many mistakes and fiascoes funny, hilarious or even fun-larious, we know when enough is enough and it is time to award congratulations. That is why I would like to take a moment to recognize the true standout people of Goshen College this January.

This month, dear readers, there are two groups that especially made themselves known as stellar employees: the people at Java Junction and the GC administration. Java Junction employees have always been known as the cream of the crop, a smart bunch of well-educated lattes, you might say. But in this month of January they really outdid themselves. Long has the threat of forest fires been exposed to children by the beloved Smoky the Bear, but a week ago Java Junction actually made some progress towards reducing the risk. By starting a flame in the cafe, they cleared out underbrush and dry material that could have started a raging inferno which could have singed many buildings on campus. Cheers to you, Java!

Second on our list of congratulations is the GC administration. Now there have been times, dear readers, when I have been less than impressed with the administration’s diversity, functionality and overall decision-making process, but this month I truly believe they have turned it around. Yes, by renovating the old Goshen College pool, administration has won the support of the Record Funnies page. Instead of a boring old swimming pool which was only used by lame ducks, we now have a nice, open, concrete space which has so much room for activities. Nice one, GC!

As Java Junction and the administration have done such a great job this month, I, Brian O’Leary, would like to give them my exclusive thumb stamp of approval. To you I say, way to make GC a better place!

P.S. This article has been chock full of sarcasm and wit, but we at the Goshen College Record Funnies Page truly do appreciate the daily efforts of both Java Junction and the GC administration. Though we like to poke fun, without these people Goshen College would not be the wonderful place it is today.