Ben W. Baumgartner, resident of room 306 of Kratz 3, lost his pen last night.

Ben was working on his Arabic homework on his desk, when he got up to get a drink of water from the floor drinking fountain. Upon returning to his desk he realized that his pen was no longer resting on his textbook. Ben immediately began to search for his pen.

After a few unsuccessful moments of searching on his own, Ben decided to enlist the help of his room mate and friend of two years, Nate Day.

“It all happened so quickly. One moment the pen was on my desk, and the next it was gone,” said Baumgartner of the missing writing utensil.

After a few moments of searching, Day said to Baumgartner, “Hey Ben, I think its over there next to your foot.”

Baumgartnerlooked down, and sure enough, it was where Day said it was.

“Well, I’m glad I found it,” Baumgartner remarked upon his triumphant discovery.

After being reunited with his pen, Baumgartner was able to finish his Arabic homework with enough time left to watch an episode of the Daily Show on his laptop. Since the incident, Baumgartner has taken more precaution when placing his pen at the edge of his desk.