Over Homecoming Weekend, young and old visitors alike were taken on tour after tour of campus. Now, I’ve heard the tour before, and I’ve got to say, it’s kind of boring. 

So, in an attempt to help out admissions, I have recently developed a new campus tour on the one thing students really want to know: nap spots. Join me in a rest-filled tour across campus!


Rott: Good pre-nap snacks (cereal, anyone?). Power naps only, since they’ll kick you out after a half hour.


Kulp: Basement is very cozy, and everyone is quiet here.


Ad Building: Honestly, I try to avoid this building when possible. No nap spot is worth the stairs.


Art Building: Will probably end up covered in paint or clay. The basement bathroom is a nice toasty nap spot, but it is a bathroom, so nap at your own risk.


Fraker: The booths are nice, but people will be annoyed if you try and nap there when it’s busy. You will probably be annoyed too.


Newcomer: No comfortable chairs. I’ve only ever napped here during class, so you’ll have to contend with some unimpressed profs.


Church-Chapel: Meditative prayer and napping are very similar, but it will hurt my feelings if you fall asleep during chapel.


Rec-Fit: Sleeping in the weight room isn’t a great look. They do have lots of comfy mats, but those mats probably smell horrific.


Tennis Courts: Very bright lights at night. Not a super comfortable surface. You do risk being hit by tennis balls.


Apartments: Great spot if you live in an apartment. Kind of weird if you don’t.


Music Center: Depends on who’s in the practice room next to you. Could be soothing or very, very annoying.


Prairie: I know someone who got stung by a bee here. In the butt. Not great nap vibes.


Connector: Decent chairs and couches, but rambunctious first-years can be too much of a wild card.


KMY Lawn: Only in nice weather. Do not recommend when it is raining. Bring your hammock to take your napping up another level.


Library: Something about this place just makes you feel sleepy. Ideal nap building. The basement is especially cozy.


Umble: Full of good nooks and comfortable places. May be difficult to get away with if you’re not a theater major.


Wyse: The Intercultural Student Space has some great couches. The rest of the building, not so much.


Science Building: Seems risky. Probably against lab safety, if you care about that sort of thing.


Off-Campus Housing: I don’t think they’ll let you in to nap, but you never know. Maybe if you bring food.