We have a strong commitment to quality here at the Record’s funnies page. That said, we have decided to “take it to the next level.”

Welcome to Funnies 2.0. No longer will we be mindlessly grinding out “funny” “articles” for your “enjoyment” (disclaimer: yes we will). Instead, we are introducing a new column dependent on YOUR contributions.

Andrew Nofsinger and Levi Yoder have graciously offered to perform the role of campus wisemen (wiseguys?), giving you the unprecedented opportunity to write in with all your deepest, darkest, burning, printable questions.

Yes indeedy, just e-mail your questions to levidy@goshen.edu. If you’re lucky, you’ll see your question anonymously posted and answered in next week’s Record! What could be better?

While we can’t guarantee that your particular question will be answered, we can guarantee that the more inquiring we are as a community, the more all will benefit  from these fonts of wisdom. So get out there, get askin’!