I am sure for many of you the idea of having to live with a roommate is nausea inducing.  Luckily for you, I have comprised some tips to help you live with a roommate for the first time.

1.  Bring loud speakers.  If you and your roommate do not have the same taste in music, then whoever has the loudest speakers will win.  You can listen to the music you want whenever you want, because you can drown out their music.

2.  I would recommend you shower at least once a week, if you wait for 2-3 weeks your roommate will often start to get grumpy.

3.  Sometimes your roommates have strange things that annoy them. For example, I had a roommate one time that did not like it when I watched him as he slept, or when I would sneeze in his ear.

4.  Realize that you have your own weird quirks.  It is important to notice what makes you frustrated or angry.  I have found that I become angry when others make eye contact with me or whistle off-key.

5.  Avoid conflicts at all costs.  Hiding from each other is a good trick.

6.  Rooms can become messy quickly.  Find a spot (probably someone else’s dorm room) to dump the huge pile of things that you will never use/need again but do not want to throw away.

7.  Use humor to diffuse conflicts.  A good example of a conversation two roommates could have:

“I am mad that you kissed my boyfriend.”

“What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians?”

“I don’t know.”

“A drummer!”


8.  Respect their space and property.  One roommate I had became angry when I threw my garbage in his laundry hamper.  Once I understood that it was his space we got along a lot better.

9.  While drawing hilarious things on their face in Sharpee while they are sleeping is hilarious, if you do it more than twice a week your roommate will get annoyed.

10.  The two of you may have grown up with different traditions.  My family has a tradition of eating potatoes chips as loudly as humanly possible and hanging up posters with Elmers glue.  It is important to respect these traditions.