We made it, y’all. It is FINALLY Halloween season, a time of festivity filled with cheer for young and old alike. 

Yes, Halloween is a celebratory event. We cannot and will not keep skipping immediately to Christmas. Not in this household.   

For people who still don’t have a costume (look up the definition of procrastinator), I present to you a list of various costumes that will showcase your college spirit and let you leave your drabness behind. 

Do you have a drive for helping students become their best selves? Are you always stressed out but willing to talk to other students about how they’re also drowning in coursework? 

Look no further: just dress up as our beloved Jesse Loewen. Sport his classic look with a black Nike hoodie, jeans, and a pair of  Air Forces. Bonus points: buy a notepad in case you have to take notes anywhere (if you know, you know).

Do you want to be a 1983 Goshen College grad? Do you want to have your master’s and Ph.D. from Cornell University and be the 18th president of GC? 

Two words: Becky. Stoltzfus. Becky has an impeccable sense of fashion and is always stuntin’ in the GC photo books. Wear any gray or white with a pop of purple for that GC spirit.

Finally, do you have a hankering for social justice? Are you a peace seeker, always wanting to Transform Conflict and Violence (available spring 2024)? Do you find yourself in the midst of arguments and think, “What Would Regina Do?” It’s time to embody your inner Dr. Regina Shands Stoltzfus. A business casual top with any skinny jeans and comfortable shoes paired with black glasses will showcase your greatness. 

With these options, I am sure you will be able to include your college spirit as you indulge in Halloween festivities. Stay safe this weekend.