This is Josh Yoder calling, and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the marauding hordes of robins that have overtaken campus today. They’re in the treetops everywhere. And I also just wanted to alert Jared Miller that they’re not in fact, aliens. That’s all, goodbye.

–       Josh Yoder

Hey, this is Matthew Amstutz, and I just want to say that I plan to bike from Paraguay all the way back to Goshen College after May term. Put this in the Record or I will be very angry. Done.

–       Jared Miller

This is John Miller calling in to say that I’ve had enough of library computers logging me off while I go to the bathroom. Over and out.

–       John Miller

Hello, this is Jared Miller, and I’m getting ready for the new semester, and I’m really still in need of a lot of paper clips. So if any of you find some extras while you’re unpacking your room I’d really appreciate it if you turned them into me. Thanks. Have a good semester everyone.

–       Josh Yoder