Hey this is Daniel again. I just wanted to talk to Lisa. I mean, I had a really good time last week and I thought you had fun too … but I just wanted to call again and see if you were there. Uh, gimme a call, you know my number.

–          Dan Barwick

Hello, my name is Jared Miller, and gravity is quite strong right now. I can’t even resist it. It is interesting that I would say that.

–          Brian O’Leary

Uh, this is Jared Miller, and I’m just calling for Alisha to pick me up because I can’t walk right now. I think it might be because … uh, I don’t really know. I just really need her to pick me up. Ehh …

–          Carlin Epp

Yeah, I live in the apartments, and I was just wondering if the people who throw their trash in the hallway could stop doing that, and if the people who clean the hallways could take the bag that’s been in the stairway a month out of there, because it smells really bad and is disgusting.

–          A disgruntled student