Inside/Outside Voices – 10/18/12

Harlequin is a generous soul tonight. And also, Jared Miller is the best.

– Grant Miller and Bekah Groff

Hi, this is Jared Miller, and I just wanted to say that Russ Rupp is like the greatest professor that has ever been at Goshen College. That’s all.

– Rikki Entrekin

Hi, this is Jared Miller and I just wanted to say this is my first Inside/Outside voices call for realll.

– Daniel Barwick speaking in a high-pitched voice

Hi, this is Josiah Simpson, and Dan Barwick and Jared Miller look very similar. Also, Derek Zook is brilliant.

– Josiah Simpson

Hi, my name is Darin Bontrager, AKA the Loch Ness Monster, and I’m really good at Ping Pong. You all are challenged to beat me. Right now.

– The Loch Ness Monster

Hi, this is President Jimmy B., and I’d just like to say that Mohammad M. Rassoulipour has the best mustache on campus. That is all.

– Probably not Jimmy B.