Hello, this is John Miller, and I just wanted to say that you guys should see my touch typing skills. I am good at that. That’s a direct quote from me, John Miller.

–          Emma Ruth

Hi, this is Emma Jane Ruth, and I would just like John Miller, editor of the Funnies page, to know that I got a higher typing score than John Miller did in middle school. Therefore I am superior because we compared scores. Also, Matthew Glick is the Goshen version of Ryan Gosling, and I approve. All is well.

–          Katie Miller

This is Miller One calling, and in the event that you are getting a head cold that lasts more than four days, feel free to blame this unfortunate situation on Micah Detweiler.

–          Miller One

Hey, this is Matthew Amstutz saying that I really truly miss the Philly at the Fraker. It was sooooooooo good.

–         Matthew Amstutz