In the middle of the year, it’s easy to just go through the motions and follow routine.  It can be important to switch up your schedule and add a little excitement to your life.  Here are the best 15 ways to do just that.

1. Goshen really doesn’t have enough human statues.  Paint your body silver and stand completely still for a day or so.

2.  Try only singing and dancing for a day, no speaking.  Make your life an epic musical.

3.  Top your ice cream with Tabasco sauce.  I’ve tried it…it’s an experience.

4.  Compose your own theme song, then hire some students to follow you around and triumphantly play your theme song anytime you enter a room or say something insightful.

5.  Create your own Rott food signs and replace the current ones.  People will be surprised when they read their grilled chicken is labeled as grilled squirrel.

6.  If you have friends who leave their room unlocked, go in when they are gone and rearrange all of their furniture.

7.  In class, whenever your teacher presents a point, stand up and proclaim “Nay sir/madam, I object!”.

8.  Dress up Amish, then try to find a group (downtown, at Aldi’s, etc) and slip in unnoticed for a couple of days.

9.  Donate every article of clothing your roommate owns to charity and see how they react.  Bonus points if you do it while they are showering so ALL their clothes are gone.

10.  Hang out with Billy Funk more often.

11.  Learn to play bagpipes…in your dorm room.  Always make up an excuse for why you can’t practice at the music center.  Make sure to play at 3:30 in the morning as well.

12.  Change your Facebook birthday to today and see how many messages you get.

13.  OK, this one is elaborate so you’ll have to bear with me.  Get your friend to dress in a bear costume.  Naturally people will figure out it’s a student in a bear costume.  Then, get another friend (who doesn’t go here), to dress up as a park ranger.  Have friend #2 hit friend #1 in the bear suit with a tranquilizer and drag him away (despite students telling him it is actually a student).

14.  Speak only in rhyme

15.  Have a silent dance party; it’s pretty much what it sounds like.