Reader, you are privileged to be reading the best quiz ever created.

Observe these totally real rave reviews:

“This is the best quiz ever!!!” – Buzzfeed

[Note from Record Legal Department: This is a load of crap.]

With no further ado, a privilege quiz.

Ask yourself…

1. Can you open a jar?

You have opposable digits privilege.

2. Can you go to bed Tuesday night without worrying about your wardrobe for Wednesday morning chapel? 

You have college student privilege. Seriously, I’ve never brought a wardrobe to Chapel. What is this, Narnia?

3. Are you still excited about eating at the Rott? 

You have first-year privilege.

4. Do enjoy distilling complex political issues into pithy soundbites? 

You have printing money privilege.

5. Have you shaved in the last month? 

You have it’s-not-November-yet…privilege?

6. Can you pass a rabid squirrel on the sidewalk and not be attacked?

Congratulations, you have – I don’t even know what kind of privilege that is.

From the makers who brought you a liberal dose of basic humor.