During our two months as editors of the Funnies section, Erica and I have gotten into numerous arguments over whether a particular joke or line the other wrote is “cringe.” For those boomers unfamiliar with the term, “cringe” is something so embarrassing or awkward that it makes you feel embarrassed yourself. 

What qualifies as “cringe” is an endless debate because it’s so wildly subjective. So, in this issue of The Record, we’re asking you to weigh in. Below is a list of things that Erica and I need your judgement on: are they cringe or not cringe? You can find this survey by scanning the QR code or checking out The Record’s Instagram page, or you can fill out the physical copy and send it to us through campus mail (I’m joking about the last one. Please don’t do that, it would be cringe.)!

Take the quiz here!

In the wise words of my dear co-editor Erica Gunden, “Anything is cringe if you think about it long enough.” Or perhaps the true cringe is judging others for what makes them happy.

Or maybe me saying that is cringe, too.