I think almost all of us have needed to peer review another student’s paper.  Sometimes however, there is just not much good to say. If you find yourself with a terrible paper in front of you, choose from the following list for some quality constructive criticism.

1. “You spelled your name correctly!”

2.  “Good font choice!”

3.  “ I really like your choice of black text on white paper.”

4.  “This is not the worst paper I have read in my life.”

5.  “Interesting!”

6.  “Your paper only made me slightly nauseous.”

7.  “Bordering on comprehensible.”

8.  “You used words.”

9. “Paper is pleasing to look at from a distance.”

10.  “Different!”

11.  “???”

12.  “Good use of the space bar.”

13.  “I’ve seen worse.”

14.  “Why?”

15.  “Entertaining!”

16.  “I enjoyed the ending.”