We’re eight weeks into the semester and I am tired. Specifically, I am tired of walking. To be precise, I am tired of walking past Goshen College’s most recent art installation. 

We’re eight weeks into the semester, and I am confused. I thought the installation was simply a cheeky and temporary artistic experiment, but as we near the end of October the peculiar fixture still stands by College Avenue. Orange tape, large trucks, cranes, dirt and dust. The colors, textures and placement are all quite wonderful, yet no one has made themselves available to explain their significance.

Whose idea was it to have such an eccentric new addition to campus, and why is it seemingly permanent? My naive past self thought this piece would be replaced as the seasons began to change. But no, it continues to taunt me. In all honesty, the installation itself no longer feels fresh and hip. To make matters worse, I’ve not seen any students enjoying this creative display — perhaps this is because there have been very few open houses to feature it. Come to think of it, have there been any open houses? Indeed, upon further consideration …  there have not been any open houses! Not a single one! There has been no punch and snacks for us to munch on, no visiting expert to provide thoughtful comments and intrigue, not even one plaque for an earnest audience member to pretend to read. 

Perhaps this has something to do with the signs that say “Caution,” “Warning” and “Hard Hat Zone.” Granted, this is masterful symbolism about the state of our society today — but dare I say it is a bit too effective? Foot traffic has significantly reduced near the “work site,” and I wonder how we can afford to pay the actors who trot about during the day. 

Their performance is heartbreaking and raw. I’d hate to see it underappreciated. 

At this moment, my questions leave me restless and unsatisfied. In my angst, I continue to birth queries I must relay to the public. What mysterious benefactor is behind this installation? What committee is at play? Lastly, what are they hoping to accomplish? This whole affair is entirely baffling. 

If you know anything about the college’s newest modern art exhibit — or if you would like to organize an open house — please contact me. 

Depending on my availability, I can provide a modest plate of apple slices and havarti. God bless. 

Sincerely, one very concerned community member, art aficionado and cat mom.