Fill in the blanks with your own words!

Dear, [name]

I know that you have decided to [verb] on your career as a/an [occupation], but I want you to [verb]. Just think about how many [noun] rely on your [adjective] services. Every [period of time] you keep [number] of [noun] satisfied and ensure that they lead [adjective] lives. Remember how many times you have [verb, past tense] the [business] from going bankrupt. Just last week you saved [number] [animal, plural] from [adjective] death! Now I feel as though it is my [adjective] duty to make you [verb] your resignation. I know it has been stressful lately, but I also know you can muster your courage and [verb] through. Seriously though, you cannot [verb]. We [verb] on you too much.


Tim “[bodypart, plural]” [noun]