I’m sure you all know how madlibs work, right?

Below is a list of terms that you/your friends/your enemies/some stranger you meet on the sidewalk MUST define. Please note that if you try to read ahead, you will be cheating, and I will know and be highly disappointed.

Once you’ve decided on your words, just fill in the blanks in the story below with your words. Read your creation out loud and enjoy good times!

First, the word list:

A Mennonite Church USA-affiliated liberal arts institution located in Indiana’s Elkhart County

A type of weather that most people consider “crappy”

An amount of time

An adjective

A noun

A Goshen College professor who knows more than five languages

A location

An adjective

An adverb

A famous historical figure who plays a prominent role in Goshen College’s core values

A word that expresses displeasure

Your name

A Spring Break E-mail

Dear family,

It seems that the institution of higher learning that I have chosen, __________, is smack dab in the middle of what meteorologists call a “__________ zone.” Though I was unaware of this, I have learned that this has been the case for at least the last __________ . I am happy to say, however, that despite this __________ revelation, my spring break still managed to be a real __________ . After asking for advice from __________ , I decided that I would take some friends and go to __________ . This turned out to be a __________ idea, as we __________ arrived at our destination. All the greatest celebrities were there and we even managed to catch a glimpse of __________ ! As you may have guessed, break was great. Anyway, I have to get back to my homework (­__________, am I right?). Hope you’re all doing well. I’ll see you this summer!