The Funnies page is like a tiny squirrel. It is a perspiring rodent with puny little arms that hoist up a massive, bulbous, bursting bronze acorn the size of a house — a squirrel house. Quite obviously, The Record (Goshen College’s independently run newspaper since 1912) is this acorn. Plexiglass and sanded. As funnies editors, it is our sole responsibility to maintain its glory. 

Last spring, when Isis and I were asked to take on the funnies page, we were both honored and humbled. How could we carry on such a marvelous legacy of excellence? Year after year, Funnies editors slog tirelessly, turning out well-researched, vigorously edited and neatly curated works of art for countless Record readers. It is no secret that this page is the most tedious, time-consuming and difficult to curate. We are not just comedians; we are not just journalists.  Rather, we are visionaries who craft a world where folks walk hand-in-hand, laughing, chortling, guffawing, giggling and the like. 

Why else would this page reside in the back folds of The Record? It is like the world’s best clickbait, a hook that snags viewers’ mouths — like a fisherman would with a well-fed trout. 

When we talk to our fans, we witness firsthand the impact of our work. Clearly, The  Record’s funnies page ignites the GC campus with passion and intellectual angst! To be completely honest, someday Isis and I actually hope to take over The Record and transform it for the better. While this is still very much hush-hush, we foresee a future in which funnies articles take up EVERY PAGE of this publication! We would call it “The Record, But More Funny.” 

Hmm … sometimes I worry this is nothing more than a pipe dream. Perhaps it is impossible for the squirrel to become the acorn. I must acknowledge it would be a logistical nightmare. 

Nevertheless, for all funnies editors to come, Isis and I suggest you spend some time in the gym. Maybe try some curls or that weird rope machine I can’t quite figure out. Whatever you do, just make sure to build up some strength. Someday, the future of The Record will rest on your shoulders.