January is a time of reflection and insanely cold temperatures.  It is time to think about the new year of 2011 that is upon us.  Last year when I made my resolutions, I did not realize the end of the world was upon us.

Now I have seen the film 2012 and I learned that the world is,…well, basically going to explode next year.  Because there is only one full calendar year left in existence, 2011 must be especially epic.  My resolutions for myself for 2011 are…

1.  Learn to play the harmonica with my nose, hopefully in time for Kick-off

2.  Become the next Justin Bieber

3.  Learn to do calculus homework without screaming in agony and throwing things at anyone nearby.

4.  Eat a box of crayons

5.  Discover the true meaning of Christmas

6.  Become famous…or if that fails, meet someone who is famous,…or if that fails, watch a movie that has someone who is famous in it.

7.  Burst into song and dance far more often.

8.  Discover time travel.

9.  Start more impromptu dance parties, particularly during really boring classes.

10.  Paint with all the colors of the wind.