Top ten April Fools’ Day headlines

10. Octomom’s Octuplets Each Give Birth to Octuplets
9.   Economy Improves
8.   Newspaper Headlines Are Now To Be Using Words Like “Are” and “And”
7.   Ballot Recount Makes McCain President
6.   Goshen Students Embrace Four Year Residency
5.   Your Shoe Is Untied
4.   Lck f Vwls Plgs Nwspprs
3.   Ninety Percent of Toasters Recalled
2.   Environment Apocalypse Approaching … no, but … seriously
1.   Hummus No Longer Delicious

Written by Jesse Landis-Eigsti

Jesse Landis-Eigsti was born by candlelight on a dark and stormy night in Quithing, Lesotho. More recently, he has been wandering between Denver, Colorado and Goshen, Indiana, composing music, writing short stories, and doodling the only things he can draw: sharks, velociraptors, and space ships.

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