Top ten rejected course offerings

10.  BIBL 157: Herod to Jezebel: Biblical Names that No One Gives to their Babies
9.    MUS 149:  Getting the Tune out of your Gosh-Darn Head
8.    HIST 400: History of the Future: From Marty McFly to Captain Kirk
7.    CHEM 004: How to Make a Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano (Credit/No)
6.    ENG 209:  Dirty Limericks
5.    ELEM ED 206:  That One Kid Who Cuts His Own Hair
4.    ART 489:  Pretending to Understand Paintings that are Just One Color
3.    DANC 268: History of Mennonite Dance
2.    PJCS 301:  Finding Perfect Level of Disgust at World, Self
I.    MATH CCV:  Intro to Roman Numerals

Written by Jesse Landis-Eigsti

Jesse Landis-Eigsti was born by candlelight on a dark and stormy night in Quithing, Lesotho. More recently, he has been wandering between Denver, Colorado and Goshen, Indiana, composing music, writing short stories, and doodling the only things he can draw: sharks, velociraptors, and space ships.

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