Alysha Landis

Record Editor-in-Chief, Spring Semester

Experience: Alysha is a journalism major who has served as news, local and arts editor of the Record, as well as being a contributing writer.  This semester Alysha had an internship with the Elkhart Truth, and was a writer for mPress at the 2009 Mennonite Church USA convention.

Goals: “I want everyone to look forward to Thursdays when the Record comes out!  I hope students will want to be part of putting it together so we’ll cover issues people really care about.”

Fun Fact: Alysha is going on SST to Senegal this summer.

Chanuk Algama

GCTV Operations Manager

Experience: Chanuk has been involved in GCTV since 2008, with an editor position at ITS Media since 2009.  He is currently in the Los Angeles Film Studies program, and has met and worked with Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, Nick Schenk, Ralph Winter and Tony Hale, among others.

Goals: “I hope to be a success in serving the community by doing what I do.”

Fun Fact: Chanuk plays for Goshen’s men’s tennis team, and is a musician.

Trisha Handrich

Student Station Manager of The Globe

Experience: Trisha has worked at The Globe four years, and has had a morning show called The Breakfast Blend for 2 years.  She interned at Froggy 102.7, and continues to work there part-time.

Goals: “I hope to build a strong staff for The Globe so that the station can continue to thrive. I also want The Globe to be known as a place of learning, where anybody can come and learn about radio.”

Fun Fact: Trisha just returned from SST in Cambodia.

Laura Schlabach

Record Editor-in-Chief, Fall Semester

Experience: Laura has served as news editor and written for the Record for all four of her years at Goshen.  She wrote for mPress at the 2009 Mennonite Church USA convention, and interned with the Elkhart Truth.

Goals: “I hope to involve students from every grade level in producing Record issues that people get excited to read. I also want students to know that I'll be continuing inside/outside voices, and I expect nothing less than totally epic messages next fall since they'll have all summer to scheme!”

Fun Fact: Laura hid a note behind a rock in Macchu Picchu on SST and swears she will go back and find it someday.

Ben Sutter

GCTV Producer, in charge or working with Elkhart Truth and launching GC Sports Show

Experience: Ben has been involved with GCTV over the past year, most notably in working with the Elkhart truth on the “This Week in Review” program.

Goals: “Next year I hope to strengthen our relationship with the Elkhart Truth and improve the quality of that product. I also aim to create an enjoyable and informational sports show that helps students know more about what's going on in GC athletics.”

Fun Fact: