On Friday, a radio show for Glenn Schumacher will air on from 91.1 the Globe from 7-9 p.m. Music has always been important to Schumacher, and is currently an integral part in his healing process following a recent canoe accident (read about it here).

One of the first preferences Schumacher was able to communicate during his recovery was in regard to music being played. There was some slow, soothing music playing and Schumacher squeezed his sister Hannah's hand. She asked Schumacher if he wanted something else played, and he squeezed her hand again.

They put on some more upbeat electronic music and Schumacher started to move to the music. The small hospital speaker has been a staple at his bedside ever since.

Some of Schumacher's favorite music will be played tonight on the Globe. His father has purchased some speakers for his laptop, and they will be streaming the show in Schumacher's hospital room. The music has been carefully selected. The time slot, 7-9 p.m., is when Schumacher and Nick Loewen, who was also involved in the canoeing accident, have been doing a show for a good part of this year.

Anyone may suggest a song via e-mail at ben.herendeen@gmail.com. Memories or experiences you'd like communicated on air may be sent as well.

In the Michiana area, dial in to 91.1 FM. Listeners may also stream the broadcast live at http://www.globeradio.org/. The Globe studio number is 574-535-7488.

Thanks to Ben Herendeen for the majority of this article.