The sibling band Girl Named Tom was voted into the semi-final round of The Voice this week, after performing for a nationwide audience in the competition’s live playoffs.  

The band, which consists of siblings Caleb, Josh and Bekah Liechty, is well-known to many at Goshen College, as both Josh and Caleb are recent GC alumni. Many students and community members attended their sold-out performance in Sauder Concert Hall this past October. 

Live playoffs on The Voice began on Monday and included performances from the twenty remaining acts. Girl Named Tom represented Team Kelly as the first of the night to perform, with a live rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep”. 

Although “Creep” was a more unconventional song choice for the band, Girl Named Tom made it their own with their trademark powerful harmonies and stripped-down vocals. The song began with a simple piano part and a solo by Caleb Liechty and was layered with Bekah and Josh Liechty’s vocals when the chorus began. 

The judges gave the performance their wholehearted approval, comparing the sound to Queen’s classic unique and powerful harmonies. 

John Legend said, “We’ve never seen a group with the tightness and the musicality that you have done throughout your journey on this competition.” 

On Tuesday evening’s show, Girl Named Tom became one of the final 13 acts of the season after a nationwide vote advanced them to the next round of live performances. They will attempt to advance to the finals with another live performance next Monday and a results show on Tuesday. 

Many Goshen College students and faculty watched The Voice playoffs at a live watch party in the Leadership Hub of the Union Building on Monday and Tuesday. Other members of the GC and Mennonite community near and far cheered on Girl Named Tom from their homes.

Cormac Koop Liechty, a first year student and the singers’ first cousin, made sure not to miss the performance on Monday evening. 

He described it as a “good, solid performance.”

“I think the song choice at first was a little odd,” Koop Liechty said, “but they did a great job of using their harmonies to sell it.”

This week’s performance featured the first live performances on The Voice this season after only pre-recorded singing in the weeks leading up to it. 

Koop Liechty says Girl Named Tom was well-prepared for this challenge. 

“Over the past few years, they’ve done a lot of live performances,” he said, “so that has helped.”

The band’s attempt to advance to the finals will be broadcasted on NBC next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m.