Goshen College’s communication department has announced the student media leaders for the upcoming school year. 

Caleb Shenk will serve as executive editor of The Record in the fall, along with Meaghan Godzisz who will serve as digital editor.

Seth Smith Kauffman//The Record


In the spring of 2024, they will hand over the reigns to Daniel Eash-Scott and Sadie Brenneman who will serve as executive editor and digital editor, respectively. 

Seth Smith Kauffman//The Record

91.1 The Globe will also come under new management in fall 2023, as Amelia Turnbull becomes student station manager, followed by the new student executive producer, Dante Stanton. 

Contributed by 91.1 The Globe

Seth Smith Kauffman will take over as chief announcer, along with Tyson Miller as program director. Mike Murrell will become music director, and Isaac Sawatzky will take the lead as graphic designer.

Meaghan Godzisz, Kate Bodiker and Alyssa McDonald will also assume roles in leadership as public relations, news director and sports director, accordingly.

The position of director of play-by-play and live events will be handed down to Collin Echols. Lily Herrera and Liam Morris will serve as multimedia journalists. 

Cormac Liechty will take over as digital content sports editor, rounding out the new leadership at The Globe. 

FiveCore will also welcome both new and familiar faces. Silas Immanuel and Jackson Steinmetz will assume the role of student producers in the upcoming fall semester. Sarah Lopez Ramirez and Aliah Campbell will continue the position into the spring. 

Contributed by Sarah Lopez Ramirez

Taking over as production assistants will be Gavin Johnson, Adrian Delgadillo, Uziel Romero, Ryan Carrillo, Kendyl Silveus, Joshua Garcia and Macinsy Sanchez.  

Contributed by Sarah Lopez Ramirez