More than a dozen Goshen College employees have a new view this fall, having relocated offices in an effort to provide easy points of service for prospective and current students.

The admissions team and the Center for Intercultural and International Education (CIIE) swapped locations over the summer, with admissions moving to the Union Building and CIIE taking over the lower level of Wyse Hall.

Adriana Ortiz, a senior admissions counselor, said, “The move was necessary. This beautiful institution should always be open to anyone interested in visiting or studying here. In our previous location we did not have enough space to welcome our visitors or to provide more support for families who wanted more support or information.”

The Union is more spacious for admissions, providing a conference room and an open area with couches, tables and chairs.  Interestingly, the Union office was formerly a gymnasium and was renovated several years ago with the help of a grant from the Lily Endowment.

“The change was possible due to a strategic plan to benefit the needs of not only admissions but other departments too,” Ortiz said.  “We are an institution that is constantly moving forward in many ways and we will do whatever is necessary to support our students, visitors, community and the future of GC.”

Jacob GunderKline, an admissions counselor, said, “As part of a new strategic enrollment planning initiative, the college is trying to align offices that best serve the people who need them. Our new location right off of Main Street allows us to be much more accessible to the population we serve.”

Rocio Diaz, coordinator for intercultural community engagement, said that she loves her new office, which, unlike her office in the Union, has a window with a view.

She was afraid students would not be able to find her but now more and more students are visiting as the news is spreading on campus. An advantage of her new office is the parking space behind the building; a disadvantage is trying to give detailed directions to community visitors who knew where to find her before.

Diaz agreed that the Union Building offers a more vibrant, spacious and appealing space for prospective students and other guests who are visiting admissions.

In other changes, the campus pastor, Bob Yoder, moved from Kulp to the first floor of Wyse.

Additionally, the registrar, Jan Kauffman, and support staff moved from AD 14 to AD 13. Student Life opened up some extra space for a larger waiting area, and the Office of Conferences and Events, which was previously located at the Welcome Center, moved to the Music Center. People who want tickets for concerts will now get them from the Music Center instead of the Welcome Center.