A version of this article appeared in The Record on February 10.

For the first time in two years, seniors will be able to enjoy a commencement ceremony similar to pre-pandemic years. On Sunday, May 1, the class of 2022 will gather in the Recreation-Fitness Center to bring their time as Goshen College students to a close. 

According to Brian Yoder Schlabach, a member of the Commencement Planning Committee, this year will bring “a return to a ‘normal’ commencement weekend.” One of the biggest changes, compared to last year’s event, is that seniors are allowed to bring guests to the graduation ceremony.

With this change, the committee sought to acknowledge Yoder Schlabach stated that the committee wanted to acknowledge that “family and friends are an important part of celebrating graduation,” and so they “did the math, based on CDC guidance, for how many people we could safely fit into the Rec-Fitness Center.”

Graduating seniors will receive four tickets for the ceremony, and they are able to invite guests of their choosing. Masks will not be required for all students and guests attending the ceremony.

For those who are unable to attend, the ceremony will be available through the GC live stream. 

The main address for the ceremony will be given by John D. Roth, history professor and director of the Mennonite Historical Library. This address will mark the end of Roth’s 36-year teaching career — the longest of any professor at GC, ever.  

Roth is still nailing down the focus of the speech, but it is clear that history, story and memory will be key themes.

Correction: The Record misstated the longest tenure of faculty members who taught at Goshen College over the years. John D. Roth, a professor of history, is retiring in June, having taught for 35 1/2 years. The record is held by Olive Wyse, a professor of home economics, who retired in 1976 after teaching for 50 years.