I am a senior (not the 65yr+ kind). I know this not because I feel that way, but because my education taught me how to count to four and this is my fourth year of college.  All of a sudden professors see my classmates and me as wise sensei, obligated to pass down our wisdom to the younger and punier. But to be honest, I don’t have much wisdom to pass down. I am still but a young grasshopper; protected by this pseudo-reality called college and not yet ready to venture into a world that will easily eat me alive. Seniors in the past who have written funnies articles gave advice on how to survive college, but I still want advice! I’d rather share the things I wish college had taught me.

Goshen does try to give us a “rounded” education to prime us for life. We have to take World Perspectives in peace, art and religion so we learn things beyond our