As you probably know, the Super Bowl was this past Sunday. As a Patriots fan, this year was less exciting for me than other years. However, it did give me a chance to pay attention to other aspects of the Big Game like, for example, the types of people who “watch” the Super Bowl (I use quotes because I’m not sure you can count what some of these people do as watching).

I have come to the conclusion that Super Bowl watchers fit one of five types:

1. The “don’t talk to me, my team is playing” type: This is the person who’s team is in the Super Bowl. As such, they are paying careful attention to every play and can either be overly excited (and a little braggy) or easily slip into their feels depending on how the game is going.

2. The salty fan type: This is the person whose team did not make it to the Super Bowl. You know, your classic Colts fan or Lions fan who is salty about their team’s lack of success. They are a self-proclaimed NFL expert and will pull a lot of random statistics out over the course of the game. Most importantly, they will actively root against the team of any fan in the room out of pure pettiness.

3. The “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” type: We all know a couple of these people. They talk through the entire game but shush everyone when the commercials are on.

4. The halftime show type: These are our art and music majors. They are more interested in the finer things in life and less interested in 250-pound men smashing into each other for 2 hours.

5. The foodie type: This person is really only worried about what kind of snacks are being provided for the event. We do appreciate this person, though, because they are also usually making a lot of the food for the game. This is definitely someone you want to have around.