As a decade-long vegetarian, I have always been a scavenger when it comes to lunch rooms. I will always have a way to eat, no matter what may be served that day. 

Meatloaf day in the cafeteria? Well, I got apples and pears. Bam. Fruit salad. 

And, although I am a first-year, I think I know some pretty awesome Rott Recipes. So, here I am sharing my findings so you don’t have to go hungry.


Egg Sandwich

– 1 good scoop of Rott Scrambled Eggs

– Two slices of bread (toasted)

– Cheddar cheese

– Mayonnaise

So, I know what you’re thinking. “Just wait for biscuits and make mini-egg sandwiches!” And, I am here to tell you that if you think that is the end all be all of sandwiches, you need to think further, buddy. 

Toast two slices of bread and grab a slice of cheese from the back. 

Microwave the eggs with the cheese for around 45 seconds. 

Add mayo to the toasted bread and make your breakfast sandwich. 

Add salt and pepper at your own discretion.

Enjoy deliciousness. 


Mac And Cheese

– Unseasoned noodles (usually readily available)

– More cheese

Now this is a classic. 

Grab a couple slices of cheese and slap ‘em on the noodles. 

Stick that plate in the microwave for a good 45 seconds and when it’s done, mix it up. 

Then, add an appropriate amount of salt or pepper (to your liking of course). 

And then, enjoy a good plate of cheesy delectableness.


Rice Pudding

– White rice

– Milk

– Cinnamon

– Sugar

Personally, I am not a rice pudding person, but I was informed of this recipe and I think it deserves a try. 

Grab a bowl of white rice and waltz over to the milk. 

Dispense the milk to your own liking and then add sugar. 

I believe they should have cinnamon in the back OR possibly next to the toaster. 

Then, mix it up! 

Enjoy your delicious dessert.


And if all else fails, there’s always a great everything bagel at the end of the rainbow.