Here is a conversation I have had about 20 times this semester: 

Person: Hey, Greta! How’s it going? I haven’t seen you for a while! 

Me: Hey! I know, things sure have been crazy because of #COVID. I’m doing well, though! I’m enjoying all of my classes! 

Person: That’s good! You’re studying ________ (possible answers: psychology/journalism/history/English/art/Spanish/literally any other major), right? 

Me: Haha, actually, I changed my major again. 

Person: Again? Didn’t you change it, like, 12 times last year?

Me: Yeah, I did. I feel bad for the Registrar’s office …

Person: Well, at least you’ve settled on something now! 

Me: Umm, I don’t remember saying I settled on anything … I’m planning on changing my major again. Probably next week, to be honest. 

Person: Oh. 

Me: Oops, gotta go! Bye! 


That, of course, is a rough estimate. I don’t ALWAYS end all of my conversations with, “Oops, gotta go! Bye!”, although it sure can be helpful. Anyway, all of this to say, I am really, really, really bad at making my mind up about what I want to study. 

I don’t understand all of these people who enter college and say, “Yes, I am going to commit the next four years of my life to the study of BIOLOGY. That is my passion. That is what I will do for the REST OF MY LIFE, period.” 

If this is you, I am calling you out. You’re faking it. No way can you actually know what your “passion” is already. 

I sure don’t. Heck, if the Goshen College administration sat me down and told me I had to choose one major and stick with it for the rest of my college career, I would probably start crying. Then, I would call them all some really mean names.

Hmmmm. You know, it almost sounds like I have commitment issues. That could explain a lot actually….

Never mind that, I’ll save that for therapy. 

I think that the true problem here is that there are too many interesting things to study. And when you graduate, you are done-zo. You have had your shot. 

Unless you want to pay a bunch of money and go to grad school. So, you’d better make the right decision! Don’t screw up! FIND YOUR PASSION NOW!!!! 

Well, what if I have multiple passions, or even worse, none?! 

That’s my biggest fear. Not finding my thing. My calling. My life’s purpose. What if I just float around endlessly throughout my life, reflecting on the glory days when I was the Funnies editor for my college’s newspaper (for two consecutive semesters, may I add)? 

That seems highly possible. 

Okay, I don’t mean to get all existential here. The real reason I wrote this is so that everyone knows that it’s okay not to have everything figured out and if it seems like someone does have it all figured out, they are a liar. I guarantee there is almost nobody on this planet who has ALL of it figured out. Not even Michelle Obama (shocking, I know). And, if you would like to rebut this, because you DO have it figured out, please do. Hit me up at and tell me how it is that you have figured out your life, because I obviously need help.