1st Kulp Hall Basement (Outside of the Counselor/Ministry Offices)

Two large, fancy, single bathrooms at a vacant location near the Rott. Very helpful after coming back from break and having your stomach adjust to cafeteria food.   

2nd Good Library, 3rd Floor

Perfect pit stop for when you’re hitting the books in the Mennonite Historical Library. Just kidding, we know you’re really hiding from your responsibilities in the periodicals section.

3rd Octavio Romero Student Apartments, 1st Floor

Roommates got a lot of guests over at your apartment and bathrooms are occupied? A suggestion is to use the clean, unpopular, single, and large bathroom on the 1st floor by the elevator.

4th College Mennonite Church (Exit by Newcomer)

There are a couple of bathrooms in the church, but the most unpopular ones are in the wing closest to the doors to Newcomer. They are for families, so you can choose to lock the whole bathroom (includes stalls and sinks) to use for yourself.

5th Administration Building

You may never be able to figure out how much money you owe the college when you’re on the 1st floor of the AD, but you can get enough free tissues here to make up for it.

6th Union Building

Shiniest on campus, but you’ll have to share. Upside: with about 50ish stalls, no one will ever know which one you’re in.

7th Wyse Hall, 1st Floor

Two single bathrooms with added decorations to make you feel right at home.

8th Wyse Hall, 3rd Floor (single one)

Emphasis on single one. The Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies department teaches us about mediating disputes over shared resources, but if you don’t have to share…no dispute!

9th Music Center

Want some music while you’re in the bathroom? Enjoy the bathroom next to the choir room.

10th Library Basement

The women’s bathroom here actually has its own lactation room, potted plant and everything. It’s pretty neat.