Here at Goshen College, we pride ourselves with our campus culture that has been established over the previous years.

There are many things that are a part of our culture that all students experience. Take this for example: you have never fully experienced GC if a squirrel, of all things, has not exercised its ninja/gangster-like skills and invaded your personal space despite the blatant size disadvantage.

Here at Goshen College, anyone is liable to break out into singing just like High School Musical—the only difference is that we break out into hymns.

Everyone knows that Goshen College is a pacifist school. But when there is a home soccer game…the gloves come off.

Why were there gloves on in the first place if Goshen College is a pacifist school, you may ask? Well…outside does get a little nippy, you know.

We Maple Leafs pride ourselves on our ability to withstand any weather condition. During the application process, GC not only offers you your chosen degree after graduating: they include abominable snowman certifications. Imagine how useful those could be.

So, remember all those times when class was still in session despite it being super icy or snowy? Well here ya go; that’s why.

Not into the cold weather? For people who aren’t so keen about the abominable snowman certification, we have an alternative route made just for you. The only prerequisite is that you live in Kulp during the first half of fall semester. Here, you can improve your ability to adapt to and successfully withstand the heat of a thousand suns.

Furthermore, what is a school that does not have insider terminology amongst our students and maybe even staff? Got a friend that you have a crush on but don’t have the courage to make her/him your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Not to fear. GC has coined a term just for people in your predicament—we call it Goshen dating.

Warning: this is not a term that you get to use to classify yourself. Only students not involved in your situation get to decide whether or not you are Goshen dating someone.

One of the best features about Goshen College is how small it is. Luckily, Goshen College is all about conflict resolution.

For people who are fresh out of a breakup, we have it set up so that you see your ex more than you would have while you were dating. If you’re some of the lucky few, you may even have a class with her/him.

If you didn’t resolve your issues while you were dating, GC can help this time around.

Our campus culture is what makes Goshen College unique and special to us. So whenever you are unsure about how awesome Goshen really is, just think, “Ya gotta go Goshen!”