Freshman orientation has been extended this year, but the people who really need a week of training are the poor sophomores. They’re just trying to be normal college students, and we’re here to help! Here are some handy reminders and tips for on-campus interactions.


Chapel and Convo: Get those convo swipes! Convocation is a time when the campus community comes together to do last-minute homework while someone talks in the background. Don’t go complaining to any juniors or seniors about it being required this year. We’ll remind you that back in our day, we had to attend twelve different events every semester–not the measly ten that are required now. Weak.


The Dining Hall: While sophomores have already experienced the many joys of Rott food, this year brings the added joy of serving yourself! No longer will you have to endure weird looks when you want three extra breadsticks or ranch on your entire meal. 


In-Person Classes: In-person classes are back! Though some sophomores did attend in-person classes last year, we thought it best to remind them of some key aspects of the experience. Unlike Zoom, there is no option to turn off your camera here. Sleeping in class will be difficult, though not impossible, to get away with. The same goes for eating full meals, unfortunately.


Going to Events: A whole lot of stuff happens on campus. Like, a lot. The majority of these events will use free food as a reliable tactic to boost attendance numbers. If you stay until the end, you can sometimes take any leftovers back with you. This is a great alternative to regular meals. Also, the Music Center is something that exists. It regularly hosts concerts and shows. Don’t let those music majors fool you; they’re not the only ones allowed to enter the building.


Interacting with Peers: Now that we’re allowed to have more than the two previously allotted friends, it’s time to finally get to know that cutie from ICC last year. A fun (and practical) outing is always going to convocation together! When out and about, remember to look people in the eye when you talk to them, but not too much. When in doubt, quickly change the subject to the squirrels—did you know that they’re actually spies for the administration? Don’t let anyone be caught without this vital knowledge.


Avoid being mistaken for a first-year: Sophomores, it is important to distinguish yourself from first-year students, lest you be mistaken for one. Avoid wearing your ID around your neck on your lanyard, and make sure to talk loudly about everything you did last year. When possible, greet upperclassmen by name to show that you are cool and know people. (Warning: this may not work if you are short, and you will almost certainly be mistaken for a first-year at some point regardless. Such is life.)