Lukas Thompson: My tree-shaped compatriot (Ben Meyer Reimer) and I were a little disappointed to not get any nomination for best best friends, but I guess GC don’t always know about the greats. As the youths say, sometimes it really do be that way.

Ben Meyer Reimer: Yeah, and here are a few shoutouts Lukas and I think are really important to get out there:

Shoutout to our friends Ian and Evan who won best best friends. I must admit we (Lukas and I) were legitimately pissed not even be nominated for the award, but our dear friends are truly some great fellows. They told us before the show that if they won, they would give the award to us in their acceptance speech. We tried to reject it, but they were insistent. As there was no time for allotted for acceptance speeches, they came to us after the show and dedicated their award to us, giving us one of the trophies. We are so thankful to have such caring and generous friends as Ian and Evan in our lives.

Shoutout to Gi Salas for fighting to get us into Kickoff when Corie didn’t want to let any of the Roof House boys perform anything. We appreciate your dedication to giving campus the best night of entertainment possible. We are forever in your debt.