The Goshen College community has seen many fine comedic web pages through the ages, from the Conscientious Objector (R.I.P.), KMY Times (R.I.P.), GC Memez (@goshencollegememes), Goshen Crushes (R.I.P.) and any “Goshen College Admitted Students 20__” Facebook page that has personal bios. In this same spirit of anonymous humor, a new light in the perpetually cloudy skies of Goshen has emerged: the Soggy Memes for Flooded Teens Instagram account. The title of the page refers to the historic levels of flooding seen mid-February after heavy snowfall followed by rain, in case you had to wait for the rock you were snowed-in under to become flooded to figure that out. I won’t spoil any of the memes for you, but I will say a healthy portion contain everyone’s favorite tennis player and model Aritha Weerasinghe. However, I acquired exclusive interview access to the shadowy figure behind the memery.

Brenner: What drove you to start this page? Why did you go with the name of the Insta account? What do you want me to call you instead of Shadowy Figure?

Shadowy Figure: I actually woke up the morning after the flooding to find all my memes were completely soaked. I knew they wouldn’t last long and I had to get rid of them quick. So I distributed them the only way I know how: the ‘gram. You can call me “Your Memesty.”

Brenner: Great choice, Your Memesty. When did you first become interested in browsing and eventually creating memes? Where do you get your inspiration?

Your Memesty: I first got on the meme train in the days of LOLcats and cheezburgers and have been a student of memery since. These are some of the first that I’ve created, however. As far as my inspiration, I tend to creep on everybody I follow on Instagram and save everything that seems memeable. More recently I’ve been #blessed with an inbox full of unflattering photos of people’s friends. Although my DMs are about 85% Hitesh…

Brenner: What a privilege and responsibility! What’s your favorite meme right now?

Your Memesty: My favorite meme right now is still “pee is stored in the balls.”

Well, there you have it, folks. Your Memesty is clearly bringing truth and light to our campus straight from a certifiably dank stash. Follow them on Instagram: @soggy_memes_for_flooded_teens