Many of you already know how to survive the cold, because quite a few of you are from the Midwest or some other cold-tempered area. 

However, there are some people out there who have me concerned about their wellbeing. I have seen far too many coatless students roaming through the ice and snow with tennis shoes and not a Carhartt beanie in sight. 

To those of you who feel as though this description applies to you, listen up. Being a born and raised Midwesterner myself, I feel that I am probably the best person to give out a few tips from the cold weather guide. 

If you wish to survive the next few months, I suggest you heed my advice…

You have got to get a good pair of boots. Toes are alway the first to go. Besides, we don’t want you slipping and sliding into other students who were responsible enough to purchase the proper winter footwear. 

Next, mittens or gloves. If you want to hold your significant other’s hand, or hold a fork to eat spaghetti in the near future, you will need most of your appendages. 

If you ain’t double sock’in, you ain’t rock’in. Enough said. (Pairs nicely with those new boots.)

A relatively new invention, the mask, is useful for more than just keeping COVID-19 out of your face. Use it to keep your nose and lips warm. Just be sure to find tissues quickly once returning indoors, because of “nose run-age.” 

Finally, for the love of all things good in this world, please get a coat. Not a jacket, not a cardigan, not a windbreaker. A puffy, large, marshmallow COAT. You do not look cool without one, you just look cold.

I have given you all a fair warning; how you choose to proceed is up to you. If you opt to ignore my advice, you just might end up losing a necessary appendage or two. 

Choose to follow the word of the wise and you could walk out of spring semester with your body fully intact. Again, it’s up to you. Godspeed, leafs.